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The brand, FOZIA ENDRIAS, was established in 2017. It is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We work on sustainable fashion products, casual wears and accessories, mostly using Ethiopian cotton and produced by women. About 85% of our materials are sourced locally. 

We believe in the power of humanity, time, and creativity. Thus, the brand’s core values are tied with these three elements. Humanity is where it starts - the belief that we have to exist for all the others to make sense. We have to be conscious about the things we do, think about the generations to come and the world at-large. We believe that sustainability is the issue of humanity. Thus, we are creating consciousness about our surroundings and giving thought to what we do and how we do it. This thought contributes to the safe-being of our planet and the human race. Our actions reflect the time period we live in now, and they will be the basis for the next era to come.

We believe that the traditional clothes that people wear occasionally now were the day-to-day outfits of ancient times with a bit of different touches. We love the fact that people used to wear outfits that were made of natural fabrics and beautiful handcrafts without contributing to the pollution and climate change of the environment. Getting inspired by this, we want to work on casual wears, which do not just represent Ethiopia, but which will also tell stories and do not or contribute to the unhealthy environment of the world. We like to work on sustainable fashion, teach people that the traditional outfits are not just beautiful, colorful outfits, rather they are conscious designs that contribute to the wellbeing of the world.


Our goal is to produce sustainable, high quality, casual, made in Ethiopia products that are made by Ethiopian women that can compete internationally, making their own best contribution for the acknowledging, spreading the country's culture.

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